Increase Search Engine Rankings

Although there are several ways to publicize a completed site, the most common method is to submit it to search engines. Simply submitting the site may not be enough, however, if it doesn’t rank high enough to be easily found in a search listing. In this topic, you will learn how to increase the rank of a site in search engines.
Increasing your rank in a search engine greatly increases your chances of visitors finding and accessing your site. The higher a site is ranked in a search engine, the sooner it appears in the search listing. Most internet users will not scan very far down a list. They are much more likely to access the first sites they come across that seem to offer the information they want.

* Search Engine Rankings
When searching, literally thousands of pages can appear based on the keywords you search with. To determine which pages are more important and should be listed first, search engines rank them based on varying parameters. A few years ago, most search engine spiders looked at repeated words in the body text, as well as metatags, and image and audio file names. Some of the more prominent search engines today, however, evaluate pages based on the number of links to the page. The more links a page has from other pages on the Web, the more important it becomes in the rankings. Some search engines also consider the importance of each page that is linked to the page being ranked. If a higher ranked page is linked to your page, that will also boost your ranking.

*Search Engine Spiders
A search engine spider is an automated program that scans the Internet, searching and indexing Web pages to create a database that can be easily searched by a search engine. Spiders index each of the pages in a Web site and return the gathered information to the search engine, which then evaluates the page’s ranking value.

Search engine spiders are named as such because as they work their way through the pages in a site, the paths they create would likely appear similar to a spider’s web.
They go from one page to another, following the links on each page until they have indexed all the pages in the site.

* Crawler Pages
A crawler page is an HTML page that contains nothing but links to each page in a site that you want a search engine spider to index. It is often linked to the home page, or index page, of a site so that a search engine spider will access it as soon as it begins indexing the site. The purpose of a crawler page is to make it easier for the search engine spider to index the rest of a site by providing it with an up-front list of all the pages the site contains

* How to Increase Search Engine Rankings
Procedure Reference:
To increase the rank of a site in a search engine:
1. Design the content for search engine spiders. This controls what gets indexed and how the description for the site appears in the search engine results.
• Make a crawler page. Crawler pages allow you to control to some extent the order in which a search engine spider indexes a site. You can list links to the specific pages in the site in the crawler page so that they are indexed first, even if they are lower down in the site structure. This saves time and ensures that the spider indexes the information you want.
• Add metatags to your pages. Description metatags are displayed in search
engine results, and good descriptions can encourage viewers to click the link
to the site. Metatags can also increase a site’s rank with search engines, however, they are often viewed as outdated. Recent studies show that metatags do little by themselves to bolster a site’s standing. With this in mind, some designers regard them as useless and refrain from using them at all. The key to metatags, however, is to use them in conjunction with other techniques.
Although you can’t depend on them solely, they can still make a site more
• Title your pages carefully. The page title is what viewers see first when they scan a list of search engine results. If your page titles are accurate and
descriptive, it makes the site more appealing to viewers.
2. Manually submit a site to search engines. Manually submitting a site gets it listed in search engines more quickly than relying on search engine spiders.
3. If desired, develop relationships with other sites. Having other sites link to your site can influence your site’s standing with search engines.
• Convince other well-established sites to link to your site. Some search
engines rank your site based on the number of links leading to your site, as
well as the quality of the links. If you are able to convince other highlyranked sites to link to your site, your site is more likely to be considered important by a search engine.
• Create reciprocal links with other sites. Reciprocal links may also improve
your standings with some search engines. For example, if you can convince a well-established site to include your link on their site, and you include their
link on yours, a search engine will use that to increase your standings in a

* Mass Submission Sites
There are also third party sites designed to mass-submit your site to many search engines all at one time. On a cautionary note, there are only a handful of major search engine sites that are worth being listed in. The rest are specific to particular industry sectors and probably not relevant to your site.


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