Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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how to make your website appear at the search engines front result pages?
may be in the first page, and may be result number one
i would like to say that it is not so easy to be done but of course
you can do better as you can for your website.
first you should know how to search about this topic on the internet that you can find a lot of answers for your all questions.
this kind of technique is called “search engine optimization”.
these are two keywords that can help you searching the internet.
you can use “seo” keyword for searching.
notice that “seo” means “search engine optimization”.
or you can use the keyword “search engine optimization”.
nowadays there is a new job title called “optimizer” so there are three persons working in the web site.
web designer, web developer and web optimizer.
notice also that there is optimization for google, optimization for yahoo, optimization for msn and so on.
you can do optimization for each search engine.
so you can use the keyword “google seo” for searching for google only optimization.
if you tried to search for some keyword in different search engines you will not find the same result for this keyword.
so first you should choose your search engine then do optimization for this engine. and to do optimization for google for example you should know well about the google engine spider.
spider is a software that indexes all websites or domain names in the database of this search engine.
when you add your url (your web site name) to the google add url page
( you are giving your web site name to the google engine spider to be indexed. but i think it is better that google can find your website in the Front result pages without adding your url and without indexing.
i thing doing optimization is better than adding your url to be indexed.
of course if you know well about the spider logic, you will do better for optimization.
also you can say that every thing you do when starting making a new website is very important for optimization.
for example:
*how to arrange your files and folders for the website root.
(separating similar files in a separate folder is better than putting all files in the same root).
*the naming of each file and folder.
(giving the image file the name of “microsoft_logo.jpg” is better than giving the name of “logo.jpg”).
*the html coding and some important tags and attributes specially in the home page.
(like <a href> tag for making links and “alt” attribute in the <img> tag for describing the image and also the chosen keywords in this description)
*<meta> tag for choosing some keywords and descriptions to enhance the searching result.
*also adding some links for other sites in your website is very important
that is not all but you should read more about this.
these are two important websites that can help you
the first website can help you reading about different search engines spiders and also about each search engine optimization and you will find many seo tools that can help you
and on the other website you can find and download some softwares that can help you to analyze your html code and also analyze your page rank and also some softwares for checking your links and keywords suggestion and also you will find seo tutorials for each topic step by step


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