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37 Ways to Promote Your Website

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This article is designed to introduce you to website promotion, getting visitors to come to your website. It gives you the basic information, which you can then explore through dozens of links to other resources, much of it entirely free. As one of our most popular articles, this was revised most recently on April 19, 2011.

How can you get more visitors to your website? What can you do to stimulate traffic? Here’s a checklist of 37  items you need to consider. Many of these may be doing already; others you meant to do and forgot about; still others you’ve never heard of. Of course, a great deal has been written about this. You’ll find links to thousands of articles about website promotion on our website.

While I’m not breaking any new ground here, I’ve tried to summarize some of the most important techniques. استمر في القراءة 37 Ways to Promote Your Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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how to make your website appear at the search engines front result pages?
may be in the first page, and may be result number one
i would like to say that it is not so easy to be done but of course
you can do better as you can for your website.
first you should know how to search about this topic on the internet that you can find a lot of answers for your all questions.
this kind of technique is called “search engine optimization”. استمر في القراءة Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Preparing to Publish a Web Site

Help Users Find Your Site
Typically the first place that a user goes to find something on the Web is a search engine or directory. However, it isn’t often that a user looks past the first 10 or 20 results. Although there is very little that you can do to your Web sites that will guarantee it being ranked in the top 10 or 20 every time, there are some fairly simple things that you can do that will certainly help increase its ranking. استمر في القراءة Preparing to Publish a Web Site

A decade of good website design

The web looks very different today than it did 10 years ago.

Back in 1994, Yahoo had only just launched, most websites were text-based and Amazon, Google and eBay had yet to appear.

But, says usability guru Dr Jakob Nielsen, some things have stayed constant in that decade, namely the principles of what makes a site easy to use.

Dr Nielsen has looked back at a decade of work on usability and considered whether the 34 core guidelines drawn up back then are relevant to the web of today.

“Roughly 80% of the things we found 10 years ago are still an issue today,” he said.

“Some have gone away because users have changed and 10% have changed because technology has changed.” استمر في القراءة A decade of good website design