The Top Ten differences between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0

I’m not a big believer in Web 2.0. Your opinion may differ, but the word “Web” is a fancy catch-all phrase for the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP, the protocol used for transferring information between a Web server and your Web browser) and the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML, the markup language that tells your browser how to display whatever text, graphics, etc is coming through the HTTP “pipe”). Over at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), there actually are versions of these protocols. HTTP for example is still on version 1.1 and has been since 1999. The most recent of HTML (version 4.01) is just as old. There is something over at the W3C in draft mode called XHTML which is now at version 2.0 and has relevance to the future Web. But a one-to-one mapping of it directly to Web 2.0, especially when you consider how many things have been dropped into the Web 2.0 bucket that don’t use XHTML, doesn’t work either. إقرأ المزيد «