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Validate an HTML Document

Validate an HTML Document
In the previous topic, you took steps to ensure that users would be able to find the sites that you develop once they are published. This is an important step to ensuring that the largest number of people will be able to view your sites. Another important step is to validate your HTML documents so that you can feel confident that you do not have any errors that may prevent the page from displaying properly in a browser.
Although your site may have worked well when it was tested on your computer and your client’s computer, it may be a whole different story when the site becomes available to millions of users worldwide. A Web page with validation errors has the potential of causing user frustration, as well as major inconsistencies in its appearance. Although it is good practice to rigidly test the functionality of all of your sites, validating your Web pages is something that you can do that is simple and will help decrease the chances that users will encounter problems. استمر في القراءة Validate an HTML Document

HTML Tutorial – Basic HTML Terminology and Coding with HTML Tags

HTML as a whole is very simple in execution and very small in scope, especially when compared to some other markup languages. To get started with learning HTML, there really are only two main terms that need to be defined: Element and Attribute.



HTML lesson 2

HTML Elements
HTML elements are a set of instructions that describe the structure and content of a Web page. These instructions are applied to the content of a Web page through the use of tags. HTML elements can be either container or empty elements. A container element contains the data that is intended to be affected by that element. It consists of opening and closing “tags.” You will examine empty elements in a later topic. استمر في القراءة HTML lesson 2


You have previously viewed Web pages on your computer. In order to create a basic Web page or the more complex pages similar to those that you have already seen while surfing the Internet, you will need to know HTML. In this lesson, you will use HTML to create a basic Web page consisting of text and graphics.
When creating Web pages, the main goal is to create a satisfying experience so that users will want to come back. To accomplish this, you need to create pages that appeal to the user’s needs and sensibilities, as well as function properly. Users can become frustrated when information is lost because the content can’t be viewed or part of a site does not function correctly. استمر في القراءة Introduction