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How to Build a Community Website

How to Build a Community Website Part 1 – Social Network Production Tutorials

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Total Training for Website Design: Extreme Website Makeover

Disc 1 – Part 1

Lesson 1: Intoduction & Project Background (10:08 min)
1. Project File Overview
2. Identifying Ways to Improve a Website
3. Previewing the Finished Website استمر في القراءة Total Training for Website Design: Extreme Website Makeover

Transferring Your Files with FTP

Transferring Your Files with FTP
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) enables computers to transfer files across the Internet. FTP is intended to enable users to exchange files, while shielding them from the complexities of using different systems (such as Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX). If you’ve ever clicked on a Web page link that downloaded a file to your computer, FTP was possibly the mechanism that transferred it. (HTTP, the protocol used to transfer Web pages, also supports file transfer.) FTP is typically the protocol that Web developers use to upload Web pages to a remote server. Both computers in an FTP exchange must have FTP software installed on them to perform the
transfer. استمر في القراءة Transferring Your Files with FTP

Validate an HTML Document

Validate an HTML Document
In the previous topic, you took steps to ensure that users would be able to find the sites that you develop once they are published. This is an important step to ensuring that the largest number of people will be able to view your sites. Another important step is to validate your HTML documents so that you can feel confident that you do not have any errors that may prevent the page from displaying properly in a browser.
Although your site may have worked well when it was tested on your computer and your client’s computer, it may be a whole different story when the site becomes available to millions of users worldwide. A Web page with validation errors has the potential of causing user frustration, as well as major inconsistencies in its appearance. Although it is good practice to rigidly test the functionality of all of your sites, validating your Web pages is something that you can do that is simple and will help decrease the chances that users will encounter problems. استمر في القراءة Validate an HTML Document

Increase Search Engine Rankings

Although there are several ways to publicize a completed site, the most common method is to submit it to search engines. Simply submitting the site may not be enough, however, if it doesn’t rank high enough to be easily found in a search listing. In this topic, you will learn how to increase the rank of a site in search engines.
Increasing your rank in a search engine greatly increases your chances of visitors finding and accessing your site. The higher a site is ranked in a search engine, the sooner it appears in the search listing. Most internet users will not scan very far down a list. They are much more likely to access the first sites they come across that seem to offer the information they want. استمر في القراءة Increase Search Engine Rankings

HTML lesson 2

HTML Elements
HTML elements are a set of instructions that describe the structure and content of a Web page. These instructions are applied to the content of a Web page through the use of tags. HTML elements can be either container or empty elements. A container element contains the data that is intended to be affected by that element. It consists of opening and closing “tags.” You will examine empty elements in a later topic. استمر في القراءة HTML lesson 2

HTML lesson 1

 Create a Global Structure

You have previously used a Web browser to view the pages of a site. In order to make this possible, the browser must have been able to recognize not only the fact that the files you viewed were Web pages, but the browser must have also been able to identify defined containers within the file. In this topic, you will create these identifying containers and save the file as a Web page format that the browser will recognize.
Without entering the logical containers that will hold the text and graphic content of your Web page and saving your file with the correct extension, the Web browser won’t be able to recognize any of your files as Web pages. To prevent the major failure of your Web pages, you will need to identify the file as a Web page and enter these identifying containers. استمر في القراءة HTML lesson 1